What Are The

Benefits of Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting with diamond tools had been a second tier standard in the construction industry for years. The implementation of better diamonds, modernized equipment, better training, better knowledge of safety practices, and cutting concrete with diamonds is no longer a second tier disciple in the selective demolition and straight demolition world.

Using diamonds to cut concrete, asphalt, brick, and metals is the safest and most productive way to remove sections of flooring, trenches, bridge decks, walls, large scale piping, large structures, pilings and metals in a controlled manner. Cutting with diamonds does not cause any damage to the structures next to the area to be removed because there is no vibration as you would see in traditional hammer and ball demolition methods. Using the newest equipment with the latest technology you can cut on land, high in the air, even underwater without damage or disturbance to the area around the work zone or the environment. Having the proper controls in place, you no longer need to worry about silica issues as you do with the other demolition methods. The use of properly trained and certified operators, having best practices systems in place, cutting small and large structures is no longer a safety issue, and with the use of some value engineering, cutting with diamonds is no longer the last ditch effort to do your concrete removal, it is a portion of your job that will make you profits.

Slab Sawing

The most common saw cutting application is the saw cutting of concrete, asphalt, asphalt over concrete and other materials.

Curb Sawing

Curb sawing cuts median barriers, bridge parapet walls, sidewalks and curbs, allowing for non-destructive roadway demolition.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is performed with saws mounted to a wall in order to make a perfectly straight cut in concrete, brick or block walls.

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is done with the use of diamond impregnated wire that is wrapped around the piece that needs to cut off or sectioned out.

Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is a method of drilling perfectly round holes in any material, concrete, brick, block, asphalt, metal.

Sawing and Sealing

Sawing and sealing is done with self-propelled saws to form a joint in the concrete or asphalt while sealing it at the same time.

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